Turn Lost-Cause Customers Into Repeat Business, Automatically

Without intervention, some of your customers will forget about you and never come back. We help you turn that around by calculating when that "lost-cause" point is and prodding your customer with an email and a discount. Since your relationship with that customer is essentially over anyway it's practically free money, with almost no risk.


Fire-and-forget configuration to keep past customers engaged.


Send exactly the right message at exactly the right time to exactly the right customer.

Easy Setup

Start seeing results in minutes. Without wading through oceans of configuration screens.


Continues to learn and improve from your data, not just some generic assumptions.

Retention Factory turns one-time customers into repeat business by nurturing them with tools, emails and suggestions to keep them coming back. Oh, and it does this all automatically.



First, we suck in order data from your eCommerce platform (e.g. Shopify) and analyze it. For the first time, you’ll know the answer to: Are my customers coming back and when do they come back if they are?



Once we know when or if customers come back, we know when the right time to start messaging and offering discounts is.



Finally, we automatically send email to your past customers to bring them back for more. Not with one-size-fits-all generic newsletters, but with hyper-targeted email built just for them.

Like what you see, but want to know how much it costs? No problem. For stores with fewer than 30 orders per month, it's free. And even for stores with more volume than that, if you don't see revenue in the first month, we'll refund you the difference!

Also Coming Soon...

We're working on more than just rescuing aged accounts. Here are some of the other types of messaging in store for the near future. All automatic, of course.

  • New Product Notifications
  • Customer Aniversary
  • Birthdays and Holidays
  • Refill and Consumable Product Reminders
  • Product Upgrade Reminders
  • Professionally-Produced Newsletters
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