• $29.00
    per month
  • Up to 250 orders per 30 days
  • Give your revenue a little juice.
  • Most smaller operations should do well with this plan. And you can upgrade later as you grow.


  • $139.00
    per month
  • Up to 1,000 orders per 30 days
  • Like having a Make Money button.
  • This is our sweet spot. The more you're moving product, the more we're able to find opportunities for you.


  • $549.00
    per month
  • Up to 5,000 orders per 30 days
  • Targeted email without Engineering.
  • We can scale up to the largest companies in the business. Also includes free, custom onboarding to backfill your historical data.

Or...try the FREE Plan - up to 10 orders/month. Perfect if you're just getting started. Create Account →

All Plans Include

  • Current and Historical Repurchase Rates
  • Recent Repeat Purchases
  • Common Purchase Sequences
  • Automatic Aged Account Messages
  • Customer Message Tracking
  • ROI Calculation
  • Customer Support via Email
  • No Setup Fees, Upgrade Fees or Contracts
  • First Month Money Back Guarantee
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